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The Hants Grand National Cross Country Scramble! Round 1 March 1st 2015

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GNCC Scramble Round 2 Thorncombe April 2015

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Rnd 2 Tenko The Ultimate Jungle Race Video footage by Ben Harvey

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Destination Portland Mikes Extreme Diner

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Thorncombe Hare & Hounds 2013

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It mothering Sunday this weekend so we are running on Saturday.

Event Details coming soon.

St martin entres will open Tueday 27th Feb.

Thanks for supporting Track n Trail.

Class and times for AM Race and PM race.

Due to the popularity of this race we have decided to split the race into two.
This will enhance the racing experience for everyone making it safer and more enjoyable. It will mean much better racing conditions in all classes.

The information below shows clearly which classes are racing in which race and the times for the day.

Pm racers please only sign on at 11.30am, don’t try to do so earlier.
The start for the pm race will give those riders coming a long distance a chilled start to the day.
We have an amazing track planned which is promising to be around the 7 miles mark. This is back to the full length of our original Materley races, with all the tasty parts put back in. AM RACE

Classes Over 50’s - Sportsman 2st- Sportsman 4st -Trail
Times Scrutineering followed by signing on - From 8.00am
Riders Briefing - 9.45am
Sighting Lap -10am
Race Start - 10.30am
Race Finish - 1pm

PM. Race
Championship - Expert - Expert Over 40’s Clubman Over 40’s - Clubman 2st - Clubman 4st.
Scrutineering followed by signing on. - From 11.30am
Riders Briefing - 1.15pm
Sighting Lap - 1.30pm
Race Start – 2.00pm
Race Finish - 4.30pm

Get your engines oiled and your goggles wiped clean for Race Day at Matteley!

The 2018 Hants Grand National Cross Country Scramble! At Matterley on the 25 Feb.

Change of Race Day format For Matterley
Due to the popularity of Matterley we have made the decision to split the race into a 2.5 hour morning race for the slower classes and an early afternoon 2.5 hour race for the faster classes.

This will make the racing much safer and more enjoyable. We will finalise which classes in each race once we have finalised numbers next week.

If by any chance you don’t fancy the split race format, please email us at and will give your place to another rider.

For the race day please make sure you have an ACU Stamp on your Helmet this will be checked at scrutineering.

Important - Please remember conditions of entry If you do not turn up and pay for the event you will still be invoiced for the full race fee. If for some reason you can’t make the race we need at least four days notes to cancel your race entry without charge. We do have a waiting list for this event so please inform us asap if you cannot attend and we can then offer your place to someone else. Remember the cut off for withdrawing and not getting charged is Thursday 22nd Feb.

We will email you final instructions Friday before the event at the latest. Please do not ring for further information or numbers. We will update all riders by email next week.

Any tyre. Noise limit 94db.

Thanks for supporting Track n Trail.

The Track n Trail Hants Grand National Cross Country Scramble This weekend at Matterley, 25th February 2018.

Places are Available in some Classes more information below

The weather is looking great for the weekend, a cold chill with sunshine, Perfect! The cross-country track is absolutely fantastic and is promising to be around the 7 miles mark. This is back to the full length of the original Matterley races, with all the tasty parts put back in. Places are available in some classes if you would like a last-minute place please book on line from the website in the reserve category. We will do our best to put you into your preferred class but it may be a different class but keeping you in the same race am or pm.

Please don’t ask to change class, if you are pre-entered.

Final instructions with your race numbers should be with you soon. We are selling numbers on the day.

Remember any back ground so long as your numbers are clear.

Its great to be back racing again, looking forward to seeing you all for a great day’s racing.

Any tyre. Noise limit 94db.

Thanks for supporting Track n Trail.

The two training Enduro Training Academy dates are coming soon.

To book a place text 07581143212 or ring for more information.

Level 2 is all about the most important Enduro riding skills, we will show you how to corner correctly for example where, why and how you need to move around on the bike when riding corners. Plus how to save the front end if and when it loses grip and how to keep the rear wheel griping keeping prefect control all the time.

It does not matter what level of rider you are as long as you are comfortable on an enduro bike. Whether you are a beginner or a clubman rider who has been riding all their life, we will teach you what you need to know to avoid or eliminate bad habits. Even the incredibly talented young riders we invite to help us run these coaching days learn something new or tweak their riding each time they come. It is important for all riders to slow down and go back to revisit all the basic skills and techniques. This helps you to work out how to get the very best out of your bike.

Only 10 places for each day ensuring high ratio of coach to rider.

Join our Professional team led by accredited ACU commercial coach for a full day of training.

We can give you all the skills and knowledge you need to be quicker, smarter and safer on the track. that’s guaranteed. At the end of a training session your confidence and ability will have grown significantly.

Thanks to our team of riders for all your help and support and to all our guests who help to make these days very enjoyable. Mike