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The Hants Grand National Cross Country Scramble! Round 1 March 1st 2015

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GNCC Scramble Round 2 Thorncombe April 2015

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Rnd 2 Tenko The Ultimate Jungle Race Video footage by Ben Harvey

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Destination Portland Mikes Extreme Diner

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Thorncombe Hare & Hounds 2013

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TracknTrail welcomes new riders of all abilities and ages...
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Track n Trail Membership 2018 is now open.

We hope you thoroughly enjoyed yourself in 2017.

Track n Trail Membership remains at only £20 for the year.

The online membership platform was designed for membership and race entries, so it will ask riders class and race No if you are only doing the practice days any class and No will do, as we don’t need class or race numbers for Freeride events.

To apply click the Join us link on the top bar of the website.

Rides receive £ 3 discount on all Track n Trail events, members can Apply for an ACU license and we can provide the ACU code for you to compete your licence application. Our Race events this year will be run under ORPA regulations, ORPA Day licence is £5 per event.

Please note if you have registered before and request login password to be sent it can take an hour or so before the new password works.

We have a very busy 2018 planned with plenty of Freerides as always and we are planning more races next year.

We also have lots of coaching dates and moving things forward we are planing to have some small low-key rider development days. Which will give riders a chance to practice their skills and to concentrate on building their speed.

More on this later in the new year.

Thanks for your support. Mike

Forge Hill Nr Dorchester Closest Post code DT2 7TG

This is one of our oldest and most popular tracks which we haven’t had the use of for around 10 years.
Much of the race track is on open farm land with a large scramble track set in the stubble.
The track leads into a steep hill and a fairly, large woods. Track length is 3-4 mikes.
There will be some easy and hard route choices.
Unfortunately, we don’t have any videos of this track as our last event here was pre-headcams!!
To sign up please click the Forge Hill link on the events page.

Thanks for supporting Track n Trail.

Matterly with open this week and Race format coming very soon.
Event info will be on the event page this week.

Thanks for supporting Track n Trail.

The two training Enduro Training Academy dates are coming soon.

To book a place text 07581143212 or ring for more information.

Level 2 is all about the most important Enduro riding skills, we will show you how to corner correctly for example where, why and how you need to move around on the bike when riding corners. Plus how to save the front end if and when it loses grip and how to keep the rear wheel griping keeping prefect control all the time.

It does not matter what level of rider you are as long as you are comfortable on an enduro bike. Whether you are a beginner or a clubman rider who has been riding all their life, we will teach you what you need to know to avoid or eliminate bad habits. Even the incredibly talented young riders we invite to help us run these coaching days learn something new or tweak their riding each time they come. It is important for all riders to slow down and go back to revisit all the basic skills and techniques. This helps you to work out how to get the very best out of your bike.

Only 10 places for each day ensuring high ratio of coach to rider.

Join our Professional team led by accredited ACU commercial coach for a full day of training.

We can give you all the skills and knowledge you need to be quicker, smarter and safer on the track. that’s guaranteed. At the end of a training session your confidence and ability will have grown significantly.

Thanks to our team of riders for all your help and support and to all our guests who help to make these days very enjoyable. Mike