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Training clinic level 1
    Venue Two Valleys Nr Dorchester,Postcode DT2 9HD

Training clinic

Track N Trail Enduro Training Academy level 1

Coaching Level 1: Thurday 8th August 2019.  

Venue: TBA

Join Mike our accredited ACU commercial coach and Ben our Professional Sports coach for a full day of training.

Level 1 is all about the most important Enduro riding skills, we will show you how to corner correctly for example where, why and how you need to move around on the bike when riding corners. Plus how to save the front end if and when it loses grip and how to keep the rear wheel griping keeping prefect control all the time.

The team will show you how to climb hills with ease and if it all goes wrong and you only make it half way up, we will show you how to get back down easily, with your dignity still intact!

Will we be focusing on Beginners and novice enduro riding along with basic bike set up and maintenance .
Summary of the day:-
All the basics for riding at speed in on a bumpy straights and very slow sections.
Mastering the controls confidently and with ease, to improve control of the bike.
Flat cornering successfully.
To feel confident in tackling off cambers.
To know how to recover from a fall.
Tackle climbs and descents with confidence.

It does not matter what level of rider you are as long as you are comfortable on an enduro bike. Whether you are a beginner or a clubman rider who has been riding all their life, we will teach you what you need to know to avoid or eliminate bad habits. We have incredibly talented young riders  to help us run these coaching days. These techniques will help to get the best out of your bike.

Cost for the day is £ 75

Only 10 places for each day ensuring high ratio of coach to rider.

Join our Professional team led by accredited ACU commercial coach for a full day of training.

We can give you all the skills and knowledge you need to be quicker, smarter and safer on the track. that’s guaranteed. At the end of a training session your confidence and ability will have grown significantly.

Covered on the Day

• How to trail ride in a siting and standing position.
• To use front brake efficiently, control the back brake, using the throttle with total control, changing gears and use of clutch all without unbalancing the bike and rider.
• To corner successfully. This is so important and there is so much to learn. If you go away and practice the techniques you learn you will then start to ride like an expert.
• To feel confident in tackling steep off cambers and goat tracks.
• To know how to recover from a fall on a side of a hill.
• To be able to tackle climbs and descents with confidence. This is a must for enduro riders and with these skills you will start to really enjoy these parts of the tracks.

To find out more give Mike a ring or to book a place text Coaching level one and your name to 07581143212


A selection of the feedback received from riders attending Track n Trail coaching days

“Excellent service would recommend you to anybody wanting to start out or brush up. When I have practised more on the skills learnt in Level 1 will be in touch to get to grips with Level 2” Kevin Trott

“I was really pleased with the level 1 Training from you on the 7th December. The way you and Dave got the points across kept my attention all day”

“Had a cracking weekend with Mike and the team from TNT at scrubs. Started off sat with a day of coaching on improving my techniques in certain areas, towards the end of the day I noticed a big difference in my riding. Would definitely recommend this coaching to any level of rider. On the Sunday I was flying around the track trying my new techniques out.” Adrian Pearce