Go Faster!
Venue Lytchett
Friday 7th December 2018
Training Level 3
    Training Academy :Woodland survival skills!

Track N Trail Enduro Training Academy level 3

Track N Trail Enduro Training Academy level 3 Woodland survival skills.  

Date Level 3 Friday 7th December 2018.

Venue Lytchett Nr Wimborne Post code DT2 8BG

Level 3 - Riding techniques, for riding smoothly through forests and any technical areas, whilst using much less energy and with real confidence.

Our track at Lytchett is perfect for training riders. The coaching course includes large woodland sections with some sandy areas.

The day is for 10 riders max for a whole day professionally led by an ACU accredited Commercial coach with one or two assistants.

Forest riding needs a completely different riding approach and skills than the open going and Moto cross skills. The aim of the day is to pass on plenty of these woodland riding techniques and skills.

Many riders find the woodland conditions very challenging and this carefully crafted and delivered day will give riders much more confidence to ride faster, smother and to fully enjoy the woodland experience.

Cost for the day is £ 75 per rider.

Suitable for riders from beginners up to expert level.

Techniques covered include.

•Mastering wood land, roots and technical single track.
•Braking into a root covered corners and accelerating out.
•To ride smoothly and swiftly whist riding in one direction.
•Line choses and keeping it smooth and neat in the woods.
•Finding that elusive extra grip.
•Tips from the Pro’s throughout the day.
•How to ride over small to medium sized obstacles.

To Book a place or to find out more give Mike a ring or to book a place text Coaching level 3 and your name to 07581143212 or email office@trackntrail.co.uk


A selection of the feedback received from riders attending Track n Trail level 3 coaching days

“A quick line to stay many thanks for the 2 days training which i really enjoyed. Some great tips and coaching on both days. We had a nice group of guys on both days and no injuries ...just aches!!! Also thank all your excellent team. I’ve just got remember everything now.” Dave Powley 15th May 2017

“I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for the level 2 and level 3 training events you put on last week.
I noticed a vast improvement in my riding over the 2 days thanks to the expert knowledge of the trainers and their ability to get us all riding the proper way.
The level 3 training in the woods was particularly useful as it highlighted the need for proper body position, line selection and overall control of the bike. I noticed that all of us were riding so much quicker and by the end of the day.
I look forward to the next session Mike!
.” Stuart WIschhusen 15th May 2017

OLD DOG, NEW TRICKS! If you are thinking about some coaching but are unsure what level to chose or indeed not sure if it is something you would benefit from, maybe my experience can help you decide.
Being a late starter to off road riding and enduro, when I started out nine years ago at the tender age of 49, seeking out some coaching was an obvious thing to do. 100+ race events on, including 2 Dawn to Dusk's and a couple of iron man's thrown in for good measure, what is left to learn you may ask? Well the answer is simple folks, plenty!
I felt that my riding was not improving in the leaps and bounds that it did when I first set out and perhaps some bad habits had crept in and I was losing focus. I have to admit here that forest or woodland events have always been my favourites, having never ridden motocross I was not a fan of all those flat corners and berms, although my early coaching helped me just enough to survive!

Seeing the Level 3 coaching advertised on the TNT website prompted me to get in touch with Mike and before you know it I was signed up and good to go.
So it was with an open mind and a keen determination to learn some new skills that I arrived at the Lychett training course on a lovely May Saturday morning. From the outset, the day was superbly relaxed. We were introduced to our coaches, given an outline of the skills to be covered and away we went to be observed and learn.

The format was a simple one, identify an obstacle on the course, for example a rooted corner, discuss in the group how you would negotiate it, clarify the best plan of attack, watch our two young coaches demonstrate the correct technique then have a go ourselves, simple!

These sessions continued throughout the day with regular drinks breaks and a decent lunch break, which included some student to student feedback!! (Banter!). It was great fun, a real good laugh but with the serious aspect you really were soaking up information like a sponge and putting it into practice.

I am happy to share two things I learnt that day. Before coaching, I would approach the rooted corner intending only that I would not fall off getting past it, quite slow, bounce, bounce, bounce, depending on how many roots!! Post coaching, picking a good line from a choice of several identifiied and attack the corner with confidence, some speed and still not falling off!! Happy days, job done.

Secondly, for when my bike fell over, hit the steel footpeg of another bike and snapped my clutch perch clean off, how big, really, really big cable ties can save the day, and indeed did! I now have big cable ties of my own and I am booked into Tenko practice to show off my new found skills. (Clutch perch fixed by a very clever son, lucky me!).

With the right attitude there is always something new to learn or skills you can brush up on.

I can thoroughly recommend TNT's coaching, you will have fun, learn plenty and get loads of bike time. You will be well looked after by a friendly group of coaches who will put you at ease from the outset. You will enjoy some good banter with like minded souls and at the end of a nice long day in the dirt, you will be a better rider than you were at the outset, no matter what your standard is at the begining.
At 58¾ years old, if it works for an old dog like me, it could well work wonders for your riding too, so give it a try, you won't regret it I'm sure.
Pete Nash