Round 3
Matterley 2012
3 Hour Hare & Hounds
1.5 Hour Hare & Hounds  
    Round 3- Matterley

Matterley 2012

In the motorcycling world, we all know Matterley as the venue for the British round of the World Grand Prix Championship in 2006 and later that year in September for MX of Nations, featuring the magnificent battle between Stefan Everts and Bubba Stuart! And now, thankfully back on the calendar for the 2011 World Grand Prix. Although we do not use the GP motor cross track, as it is unsuitable for enduro, we do have available to us, some of the best areas of the estate with lots of elevation and plenty of character plus wooded areas spread across the landscape. This will become an annual event with a 5-6 mile course. The magnificent Matterley Estate is probably best known to the public for housing the US Army Boxing Tournament in 1944, featuring Joe Louis. This incredible fight took place in Matterley’s huge natural amphitheatre to boost moral for the troops.
Tyre Type : ANY
Max Noise : 94db