Round 3
Adult Hare and Hounds
Youth Hare and Hounds  
    Round 3- The Thorncombe Enduro

2013 Season

Round 3 Track n trail 2013 Sunday 14th July 2013 Adult Start time duration 2.5 hours Hare Hounds Youth Start time 1.30 pm. Duration 1.5 hours 21st April Round 2 Thorncombe Nr Bridport What can I say this track has everything an Enduro rider could ask for! Grassy, open moorland , no shortage of wooded areas and two hilly stubble fields, one for the start area and the second to break up the woodland sections. Plus rocky streams beds , some 3rd and 4th gear flowing open going and plenty of air time inc a tabletop! You will have to concentrate for every second. I can’t wait, six to seven miles of cross country Heaven. This track will be one of the best Enduro tracks you will ride, Noise limit 94db.Start time duration 3 hours.