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Rescheduled Events

Track n Trail, the event organiser, reserves the right to change the date of an event. If the participant is unable to attend on the revised date, full entry free may be refunded.
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Cancelled Events

In the highly unlikely case that an event is cancelled at short notice due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the event organisers, Track n Trail may retain £10 of the entry free and refund the remainder, as costs would have already been incurred by Track n Trail.

If the event has to be cancelled on the day of the competition, all entry fees may be kept by the organiser, as Track n Trail would of incurred full costs of the event.

Competitor Withdrawal

If you have to withdraw from any Track n Trail event, this is our Withdrawal Policy:

Once we have received your payment for any Track n Trail event all credits/refunds are discretionary. Any withdrawals must be received in writing at the event office by email or post

Telephone messages are not acceptable as we need to confirm the identity of the competitor.

From the moment we begin to organise an event, we start to incur costs. Your entry fee is invested into the cost of staging the event; hiring facilities, hiring and buying equipment, etc. In short, organising any event requires a considerable amount of forward planning, risk and expense. If you pull out, for whatever reason, then that is beyond our control and that is your choice.

For example if you buy a ticket for a festival, and then you wake up with a hangover or just don’t feel like it because it looks like it might rain, you don't get your money back.

However, if you email us 7 days or more before the event with a genuine reason why you physically cannot compete, we will refund the entire entry fee.

If you withdraw before the weekend of the event we can refund only half of the entry fee as we would have already completed your entry and processed your payment, and incurred event expenses. We would also need a genuine reason as to why you cannot compete.

If you leave it until the weekend of the event to withdraw, no refund will be given, as your place will have been guaranteed for you.



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