Three more new venues for 2011

Watch this space as the year unfolds
This is great all weather track and parking, licensed from the MOD. The course is set in a beautiful forest, with contour hugging tracks and flowing woodland. With plentiful supply of open meandering sandy tracks and trails the course is usually around 6 miles long with some easy and hard route choices.
A fast and technical track on the open going quite different when you get into the huge forest flowing woodland trail with the occasional grass park land also, includes natural jumps, some sandy going and an excellent sand MX track and a 4X4 track. This track has been known to be close to ten miles long.
This track has the grin factor: It is set in a fairly steep valley with parking and the start on a large flat area at the top overlooking the first mile of track. The track which is set entirely on grass and is laid out as a flat and twisty special test before it drops into a 90 foot valley with a ski jump at the top to drop the riders into the bottom, the course then carves you up and down this huge bowl along a massive bank to the next valley and works its way carving and jumping around this technical bowl.
Destination Portland is an entirely unique event, a standalone competition, England’s first ever extreme event aimed at amateur riders. Do you think you’ve got what it takes, to take on Destination Portland? The closest thing to the Erzberg you’re likely to find in the south of England!

We open this to national and local competitors who are looking for a challenging competition. It is an extreme Hare Scramble pitched at Clubman and Expert rider levels. As well as being aimed at the Enduro riders looking for a very technical challenge, we also have a pure trials bike class thrown in the mix. Although this is not staged for the superhuman pros, lower standard riders would not enjoy this challenge. The quarry owners have supported us with their machines and equipment to prepare certain areas of the course adding in tracks to link up various sections.

The 2.5 hour extreme hare scramble course works its way round two quarries, incorporating gullies, technical climbs and descents with some open going. This is an all weather track with breath taking views from the top of Portland. Laid out like a labyrinth through the old overgrown sections of the quarry and into the new workings, with the occasional wooded area. On a toughness level we would gage it at about 8/10.

The youth course is changed considerably, still giving them a challenging course but rideable in a safe environment. Using the lower sections of the track only and removing some of the more extreme climbs and descents.
The Devrills, Nr Shaftesbury just off the A303. Two x one hour sprint races per class, on a 3 to 4 mile fast and flowing course. We have 400 acres to play with, made up of rolling fields and some wood land.
On open farm land with a motor cross section, mixture of rolling hills and reworked woods. There will be some easy and hard route choices.
This Course is on open farm land with a grass motor cross section, mixture of stream beds plenty of fast open going mixed with plenty of wooded areas.
Described by TBM as one of the best tracks in the country. We laid on a 10mile track last time we where there.
In the motorcycling world, we all know Matterley as the venue for the British round of the World Grand Prix Championship in 2006 and later that year in September for MX of Nations, featuring the magnificent battle between Stefan Everts and Bubba Stuart! And now, thankfully back on the calendar for the 2011 World Grand Prix. Although we do not use the GP motor cross track, as it is unsuitable for enduro, we do have available to us, some of the best areas of the estate with lots of elevation and plenty of character plus wooded areas spread across the landscape. This will become an annual event with a 5-6 mile course. The magnificent Matterley Estate is probably best known to the public for housing the US Army Boxing Tournament in 1944, featuring Joe Louis. This incredible fight took place in Matterley’s huge natural amphitheatre to boost moral for the troops.
Set in a huge valley with hills on both sides. From the parking area view point 70% of the course is visible. The course consists of hilly going, woodland gulley’s and off cambers. Much of the course is on grassland within this unique Sheep Farm.
The track should be around five miles long. There will be plenty of open stubble fields with a large Scramble track including plenty of jumps all around the park, includes some manmade obstacles but rideable for all abilities. The soil has a good mix of sand and has good draining; we also have excellent parking and great facilities on site.
Set in the Purbeck Hills, gateway of the Jurassic Coast, This course includes the tracks and working of an open cast mine, with some open going and woodland. This is a unique track, making use of some really wild countryside. Facilities include a campsite, washrooms and electrical hock ups.
Part of Salisbury Plain this track will hold up to all weather conditions with very good access/parking for all vehicles over looking 90% of the course. The track offers open going for the first couple of miles and then the course becomes more technical with some manmade and natural obstacles with hard and easy choices to keep all riders focused, running in and out of wood land with climbs and descents in the alpine areas.
A beautiful sheep farm which we use for track days in the summer months. Fast but very interesting going, plenty of natural jumps, bomb holes and great woods close to the park area.
A fast and flowing race held on the MOD’s Tank Training Area, An all weather course with a mixture of woodland trails and open tracks, deep sandy going.
Start area is joined to a new MX track, the cross country trail drops riders into a grass valley with steep banks, the track runs in and out of woodland with some flowing off camber open going and some technical sections.
A mixture of farmland and large woodland this course works its way through hilly terrain. Set on the second highest point in Dorset this fast and technical race will include the usual route choices, including an extreme hard route option.
The 5.5 race track is set in and around two very different valleys the first is part of a 4x4 track with sandy going and big bomb holes very technical, the second valley is an old school MX track the venue has no shortage of natural jumps, also inc a very exciting wood most of the track is on a grass farm. This year the hard routes have all been beefed up this year to test the man and machine which choose to ride them. Plus much of the course has now been extensively re-graded in all areas that required it after our last event; we had the machinery available so we thought a couple of extra jumps wouldn’t be a bad idea! All of this will ensure this will be a great day’s riding and this fantastic course will now be in top condition for its next event.
A fast and technical race set on a mixture of mx tracks, woods and some open going. There will be some easy and hard route choices. Last year we planned a new cross country track at Weatherby Fort, with the rotation of the crops we managed to get to the North side of this huge farm for the first time. We will also have the use of new wood sections and some hilly grass fields to scramble across with natural jumps and gullies. This great track should now stretch from the normal 6 miles anywhere up to 9 miles in length.
The Fabulous Blackwood venue, set on a beautiful hill top overlooking New Bridge (South Wales), We use this venue for a weekend of exciting and challenging racing including a standalone King of the Hill climb event. This course last time was around the 8 mile mark with an Old school MX track and ravines, with a good mix of wood land. Different routes for Sportsman and Trail classes really will ensure this track is rideable for all abilities. It could easily be an extreme course but with only the clubman, experts and championship riding a course through the rocky stream beds and decent and climbs the remainder of the course is a perfect mix for all abilities. All this: just 20min from the Severn Bridge.